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Prepositions Prepositions Kindergarten
Pronouns Pronouns Kindergarten
Action verbs Action verbs grade-1
Naming words Naming words Kindergarten
Articles Articles grade-1
Identify nouns Identify nouns grade-1
Identify Adjectives Identify Adjectives grade-1
Opposite Words Opposite Words Kindergarten
Match Alphabet Fruits Match Alphabet Fruits pre-k
Articles Articles Kindergarten
Match letters Match letters pre-k
Identify Correct Prepositions Identify Correct Prepositions grade-1
Trace and Color Trace and Color Kindergarten
Beginning Sounds Beginning Sounds Kindergarten
Beginning Sounds Beginning Sounds pre-k
Phonic Sounds Phonic Sounds pre-k
Categorize nouns Categorize nouns grade-1
Recognize letters Recognize letters pre-k
Declarative sentence Declarative sentence grade-1
Personal pronouns Personal pronouns grade-1
Vowel Sounds Vowel Sounds Kindergarten
Rhyming Words Rhyming Words Kindergarten
Blends and Digraphs Blends and Digraphs Kindergarten
Color by Letter Color by Letter Kindergarten
Phonic Match Phonic Match pre-k
Beginning & Ending Sounds Beginning & Ending Sounds Kindergarten
Missing Letters Missing Letters Kindergarten
Missing Vowels Missing Vowels Kindergarten
Write lowercase Letters Write lowercase Letters pre-k
Conjunctions Conjunctions grade-1
Opposite Adjectives Opposite Adjectives grade-1
Write Uppercase Letters Write Uppercase Letters pre-k
Singular and Plural Nouns Singular and Plural Nouns grade-1
Possessive pronouns Possessive pronouns grade-1
Word Search Word Search grade-1
Sight Words Sight Words grade-1
Use of has and have Use of has and have grade-1
Letters that look similar Letters that look similar pre-k
Identify Compound words Identify Compound words Kindergarten
Recall nouns Recall nouns grade-2
Sight Words Sight Words pre-k
Write Words Write Words Kindergarten
Agreement of Subjects & Verb Agreement of Subjects & Verb grade-1
Find Adjectives Find Adjectives grade-1
Trace the Lines Trace the Lines pre-k
Exclamatory sentence Exclamatory sentence grade-1
Middle Sounds Middle Sounds Kindergarten
Form Compound Words Form Compound Words Kindergarten
Rhyming pictures Rhyming pictures Kindergarten
Match Alphabet Vegetables Match Alphabet Vegetables pre-k
Alphabet Maze Alphabet Maze pre-k
Crossword Crossword grade-1
Identify phonic word Identify phonic word Kindergarten
Ending sounds Ending sounds Kindergarten
Identify Letters Identify Letters pre-k
Beginning consonants Beginning consonants Kindergarten
Singular and Plural Nouns Singular and Plural Nouns grade-2
Trace and Color Trace and Color pre-k
Choose adjectives Choose adjectives grade-1
Match Alphabet Animals Match Alphabet Animals pre-k
Possessive nouns Possessive nouns grade-1
Write Words Write Words pre-k
Phonic Sounds Phonic Sounds Kindergarten
Imperative sentence Imperative sentence grade-1
Match homophones Match homophones grade-1
Initial Sounds Initial Sounds Kindergarten
Proper and Common Nouns Proper and Common Nouns grade-1
Past tense of regular verbs Past tense of regular verbs grade-2
Phonic Match Phonic Match Kindergarten
Identify nouns Identify nouns grade-2
Match pictures with words Match pictures with words grade-1
Common and Proper nouns Common and Proper nouns grade-2
Reflexive Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns grade-2
Grouping nouns Grouping nouns grade-2
Irregular plurals Irregular plurals grade-2
Singular and Plural Noun with Verbs Singular and Plural Noun with Verbs grade-1
Collective nouns Collective nouns grade-2
Correct use of verbs Correct use of verbs grade-1
Common adjectives Common adjectives grade-1
Trace and write Trace and write Kindergarten
Make compound words Make compound words Kindergarten
Kinds of sentences Kinds of sentences grade-2
Identify vowels Identify vowels Kindergarten
Punctuation Punctuation grade-2
Identification of Pronouns Identification of Pronouns grade-2
Long and short vowels Long and short vowels Kindergarten
Identify Adjectives Identify Adjectives grade-2
Crossword Crossword Kindergarten
Interrogative sentence Interrogative sentence grade-1
Make sentences Make sentences grade-2
Auxiliary Verbs Auxiliary Verbs grade-1
Identify words Identify words grade-1
Use of present tense verbs Use of present tense verbs grade-1
Past tense of irregular verbs Past tense of irregular verbs grade-2
Use adjectives Use adjectives grade-2
Adjectives change articles Adjectives change articles grade-1
Ending consonants Ending consonants Kindergarten
Use of verbs Use of verbs grade-1
Past tense Past tense grade-2
Subject and Verbs Subject and Verbs grade-1
Linking and action verbs Linking and action verbs grade-1
Synonyms Synonyms grade-1
End Sounds End Sounds Kindergarten
Choose correct word Choose correct word grade-1
Antonyms Antonyms grade-1
Use the adverbs Use the adverbs grade-2
Nouns kites Nouns kites grade-2
Use of adjectives Use of adjectives grade-2
Formation of adjectives Formation of adjectives grade-2
Reading exercise Reading exercise grade-1
Appropriate determiners Appropriate determiners grade-1
Quiz Quiz grade-1
True or False True or False grade-1
Identify subject and predicate Identify subject and predicate grade-2
Future Time Future Time grade-1
Filling blanks Filling blanks grade-1
Trace and Color Trace and Color Kindergarten
Punctuation Punctuation grade-1
Match Sentences Match Sentences grade-2
Unscramable words Unscramable words grade-1
Prefix and Suffix Prefix and Suffix grade-1
Identify by pictures Identify by pictures grade-1
Punctuate & identify sentences Punctuate & identify sentences grade-2
Demonstrative determiners Demonstrative determiners grade-1
Choose adjectives or adverbs Choose adjectives or adverbs grade-2
Formal & Informal Formal & Informal grade-2
Silent letters Silent letters grade-1
Identify sentences Identify sentences grade-2
Irregular spellings Irregular spellings grade-1
Subject & Predicate Subject & Predicate grade-2
Simple and compound sentence Simple and compound sentence grade-2
Language and Communications Language and Communications grade-2
Capitalization Capitalization grade-2
Use the subject & predicate Use the subject & predicate grade-2
Apostrophe Apostrophe grade-2
Sentence & fragment Sentence & fragment grade-2
Sentence & Run on sentence Sentence & Run on sentence grade-2
Produce and expand sentences Produce and expand sentences grade-2
Spelling Pattern Spelling Pattern grade-1
Untaught words Untaught words grade-1
Conventional spellings Conventional spellings grade-1
Identify the adverbs Identify the adverbs grade-2
Formation of adverbs Formation of adverbs grade-2
Use of adverbs Use of adverbs grade-2
Homophones Homophones grade-2
Dictionary Skills Dictionary Skills grade-2
Spellings Spellings grade-2
Plurals & Verb Forms Plurals & Verb Forms grade-2
Double Letters Double Letters grade-2
Rhyming Words Rhyming Words grade-2
Silent letters Silent letters grade-2